What’s the point in paint spray for kitchen cabinets

Why it’s more important to use a paint spray for kitchen cabinets

For us, it’s logical for you to consider paint spray for kitchen cabinets in your home, but we would say that, we’re a spray painting company. Though one of the main questions we get asked when quoting for a full kitchen refurbishment is why should we, as a customer, consider paint spraying for kitchen cabinets above traditional brush or roller painting.

We break down 3 key points we often communicate to our customers, to help them realise the potential of spray painting kitchen cabinets.

A New look for Less!

Paint spraying for kitchen cabinet is a popular and cost-effective way to update and improve the look of your kitchen. Not only will painting your kitchen cabinets with a high-quality paint spray give them a new lease of life, but when done right it will also protect them from common environmental issues. We recommend spray painting above other painting methods as it’s the best way of giving your 5,10 or 20 year old cabinets an off the shelf B&Q, Magnet, Wicks look, that most people who have considered buying new will be look for. It’s not saying that traditional painting methods don’t have their place. When wanting a grainy old school look brush and roller can give you that, where spray painting will struggle. But with over 95% of the people we speak to wanting go update their kitchen and give it the magazine look, spray painting works best.

Benefits of painting kitchen cabinets with spray paint

One of the other reason to spray paint kitchen cabinets is, through a professional decorator, a fast and efficient way to achieve the new and off the shelf look that you wanted. Installing new kitchen cabinets takes time. You need to select what you want, have someone to measure, wait for designs to be drawn, wait for the units to be built, then have an unusable kitchen while they breakdown, remove and install the new kitchen. Then you have to hope it looks they way you hoped and you feel the love you did for your old kitchen. On the contrary paint spraying for kitchen cabinets takes your pre-loved kitchen with the design and layout that already works, and renews it. In just a few days it takes the old and makes it new. It brings it into 2022 and beyond, giving it the look and feel you missed. All without you needing to move out of your home, or even stay out of the kitchen. Plus it is just a fraction of the cost.

Choosing the wrong colour won’t ruin your day.

When it comes to updating your kitchen, there’s many things to consider whether you choose to repaint or install new. But for us the 3 main considerations should be layout, style and colour.

  • Quite often, as a homeowner, you will have gotten used to the layout of your kitchen, adapting to where things are and its limitations. You might want to add a new corner unit, or a double unit on a spare wall to get around those limitations, but the chances that you’ll want to redesign the full layout is minimal. So why buy new when for a faction of the cost you can install the additional units spray the throughout.


  • Style is another consideration, which we find can be fixed sometimes by simply changing the colour and kitchen cupboard door handles. Replacing the door handles can take the look of your units from traditional to contemporary, from bulky to slick, completely changing the way you see, feel and use your kitchen. So instead of paying £000’s for new kitchen cabinets, try spending a under a £100 on new kitchen cupboard door handles.


  • Colour is the last consideration we want to cover in this blog. You wouldn’t believe the number of new kitchen units we’ve painted because the customer has chosen the wrong colour when buying kitchen cabinets from B&Q. Our customers have waited months for their new unit to be built to realise the colour is wrong or it no longer meets their needs. Maybe they choose for the season, or based on how they felt at the time, without considering the longevity of their kitchen. What we do different is by sitting down with you, in your own home, making sure you’ve chosen the right colour for the right reason. On those odd occasions that a customer does change their mind they can change the colour for little cost at anytime. There’s no need to buy new.

paint spray for kitchen cabinets

paint spray for kitchen cabinets


Painting kitchen cabinets with spray paint is a great way to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Unlike buying new, you have multiple opportunities to change your mind on colour, look and finish at anytime.

Spray painting kitchen cabinets does take experience, it’s not as simple as many youtube videos would have you believe. We highly recommend that you reach out to a local decorator in your area that specialises in spray painting and enquire on costs and process. If you have a sizable kitchen please do not buy from anyone that claims they can complete the job in a single day. Paint spraying for kitchen cabinets takes time, not as long as installing a new kitchen, but when done correctly with multiple coats it will take longer then a day.

We will work with your to find your perfect colour that matches the colour of your kitchen cabinets with the rest of your home décor. If your looking for a decorator in South London, or West London please reach out.



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