It’s important that your office or retail unit reflects the professionalism that you and your business stand for.

K Wyatt Decorating offers commercial office and retail decorating through West and South West London. Our team has experience with all manner of projects, from shop redecorating to feature walls in offices and hospitality premises. 

Hospitality Projects.


Communal Buildings.

Why Choose K Wyatt Decorators?

We Have Tremendous Experience.

Our painters and decorators are industry veterans with many years of experience under their belts. They are also passionate about what they do. Using our tried and tested step by step methods, our attention to detail is second to none.  We’re also trained by the UK’s leading spray paint training academy on the use of spray paint equipment and techniques.

We Are Safe.

Our tools and materials are kept in a safe area that has been agreed with you. The working area is kept neat throughout the day and we make sure the area is tidy, ready for the next day. We are also fully insured, just in case.

We Work Flexibly Around Your Workspace.

Our team work efficiently anddiligently around your workspace. Communication is key, we will go through the plan for the day to make sure you and your staff are aware of how we will be moving around the space. We’re completely flexible with your schedule, putting the power in your hands.