Terms & Conditions 2022

1. Quotations are based on the information that is provided by the client and include materials, labour and parking. Once the work has commenced the final price will be determined depending on K Wyatt Decorators (KWD) findings. i.e. if more time is needed or extra materials are required. In this case, KWD will notify the client before the work is carried out. It will be agreed if paint materials will be provided by the client or KWD. Preparation materials and surface protection are provided by KWD and are non-negotiable.

2. Prior to beginning your work we must have received payment of 25% of the original quotation (the deposit). If we have not received this then the date won’t be secured and we reserve the right to cancel. Deposits are non-refundable except for special circumstances. Once your deposit has been received you have agreed to the start date that is stated on the quotation. If you need to change the start date, we will need a minimum of 4 weeks notice from your original agreed start date so we have a chance to schedule in other work. If the scope of work is amended to less than what was agreed on the original quotation, the original deposit will be retained as compensation for loss of earning. A new quote will be issued with a new deposit request. We will use the original deposit amount to cover the new deposit request and the remaining amount of the original deposit will be retained for loss of earnings. We reserve the right to decide whether the situation warrants a refund however we are flexible and understanding.

3. Payment is to be made upon completion of the work; this can be made via card or cash for the job price that has been agreed and bank transfer for jobs that require an invoice. KWD does not accept cheques. Clients must be available on the day of completion to check over the work and to make payment for all jobs. If the quoted work is planned to take more than a week, partial payment is required at the end of each week for which the final invoice will be updated and a receipt for each payment will be issued.

4. For jobs that require an invoice, payment is to be made within the time period agreed. Any part of the invoice that remains unpaid will incur a charge of £100 after every 30 day period. If payment is not made within the 30 day period, we have the right to add late payment fees until full payment has been made.

5. All work that is completed by KWD is to be checked and signed off by the client on the day of completion. Once the work has been signed off we cannot guarantee general wear and tear i.e. movement of the building that causes cracks to appear or reappear. Any non-related faults arising from recommended work that has not been undertaken by the company will not be guaranteed. The company shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage or defect resulting from work not fully guaranteed or where recommended work has not been carried out.

6. If you require further work to be carried out, an updated quote will be sent with additional work which must be approved in writing before the work is carried out. Although we will try our utmost to complete all the work within the original booking, we may have to look at other dates to complete any additional work.

7. Parking is either to be provided by the client or will be charged at the local daily rate. Clients are also liable to pay congestion charges at the current rate if the property is within the congestion charge zone.

8. It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure any furniture and valuables are removed from the area that the work is being carried out. We do not take any responsibility for any damages or loss in the property if we are required to assist in moving furniture. If you require KWD to move furniture, this will need to be advised in advance as this will take additional time and labour.

9. While we will do our utmost to keep all work areas clean and tidy, please be aware that dust will occur while working. All working areas will be cleaned during and at the end of the day. Tools will be kept neat and tidy in an agreed area of your property.

10. For any work that involves restoration of leak damage, the actual leak must be resolved before any decoration work is carried out. KWD uses the best products to restore damaged areas however please be aware that these areas are repaired surfaces and will be finished to the highest standard possible.

11. We do not tolerate any abuse towards our staff and we reserve the right to refuse/cancel any work that has been agreed on this basis.

12. We are not responsible for any damage made to the paintwork during or after the decorating process. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may decide to correct it for you at no extra cost however this is not included in our quote and we reserve the right to make extra charges for any correction work.
All work carried out by other tradesmen must be fully completed before KWD is due to start. The customer is required to notify KWD at least two weeks prior the start date if there are any delays with other tradesmen as this will affect other customer start dates. 

By accepting the quotation you agree to all our terms and conditions.

The director has the right to determine any further terms not listed above.