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One of London’s leading commercial decorators offering spray painting for projects of all sizes. Regardless of your building size we specialise in spray painting for commercial and industrial projects for local businesses and franchises. If your commercial premises need a new interior or exterior look, K Wyatt Decorators, commercial decorators, are here to help. As spray painting specialists, we ensure the best finish possible for your company’s curb appeal. No matter the project in question.  

Whether you’ve got a small build to take care of, or a full sized warehouse that’s just an eyesore, K Wyatt Decorators, commercial decorators, can get the job done for you. We’re timely and cost effective, and you’ll always work with a qualified and experienced spray paint decorator.  

Alongside our popular warehouse painting service, we can also spray paint your office building, studio, laboratory, distribution centre, and any other industrial unit your company uses on a daily basis. 

Whether you need a spray painting to cover up small areas or a more specialised coating, we can provide a selection of painting services that will comply with all UK industrial regulations. We can spray your plaster, woodwork, and provide plenty of surface protection as well. 

Commercial decorating is a service that many decorating companies outsource to professional commercial decorators such as ourselves. Painting a warehouse can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, while units and office need a professional and adaptable approach to work around the clients working hours.

Spray painting is the most popular choice among commercial projects because it requires less time and money than other options like roller painting or brush painting. It also leaves the premises with a glossy finish, which makes it more appealing for customers to visit.

Commercial decorating is an important part of the business used to make a office, warehouse or industrial unit more welcoming both inside and out.

Commercial decorating
Commercial decorating

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