Spray Plaster

K Wyatt Decorators offers a professional spray plastering service for residential and retail builds. We serve both home owners looking to renovate, developers of new builds (including new developments) and retail property developers. 

Why Spray Plastering? 

Spray plastering is a state-of-the-art method for plastering sections of drywall. Even though we do occasionally use traditional manual techniques, spray plastering relies on the use of a spray gun, which makes it quicker, cleaner, more environmentally friendly, gives a shorter drying time. 

It’s Faster

With spray plastering, you can coat a wall up to five times faster than with traditional plastering – great if you need to complete a renovation project quickly. As trained professionals we’re able to minimise overspill keeping things clean and tidy.

It Produces Less Waste

Only one percent of spray plaster gets wasted. Any leftovers are free to be recycled and used again. This makes spray plastering more environmentally friendly compared to traditional plastering.

It Offers A Superior Finish

Particles ejected from the spray gun land predictably on the drywall, improving smoothness over manual techniques. 

It Can Be Applied To Many Different Surfaces

Spray plaster is suitable for various backgrounds, including pre-cast concrete, previously-plastered surfaces and conventional plasterboard. 

K Wyatt Decorators For Spray Plastering

K Wyatt Decorators offer state-of-the-art spray plastering to speed up your renovations and get your property or retail premises on the market quicker than our competitors.  

We offer:  

  • High Efficiency. Our team uses spray plastering to finish your renovation rapidly 
  • Professional Support. Speak to us at any time about technical issues relating to your project. Get material warranties offered by our supplies 
  • Quality. We only use top-rated spray plastering products, reducing inconsistencies 
  • Highly Skilled Technicians. Our plaster specialists know precisely what they are doing.