Other Services

Aside from our spray and traditional painting services we also offer a wide range of interior and exterior decorating accompaniments, to make putting the finish on your project a lot easier. As a family run business who take pride in our craft, we work with you every step of the way to ensure you the highest quality standard on your decorating project.  

To help achieve these high standards we offer three additional special services to any client that comes to us:  

Expert Product and Colour Consultation

Thanks to our many years working as decorators, we know the best products to use for project we undertake. We will sit with you and advise on choosing the right colours to suit your needs. Our consultancy service makes it easier to achieve the look you’re going for, whether you’re redecorating your living room, breathing new life into a kitchen, or you’re trying to rebrand your retail office. 

In using our product and colour consultancy service, you’ll be able to get a much clearer picture of the final project. Whether you choose red, blue, green, or yellow, we’ll walk you through each shade and tone, how they can complement each other, and what to avoid for the best finish. Similarly, we’ll keep you up to date on the products we plan to use, and help you to choose the best materials for your purposes. 

Surface and Furniture Protection

As we work, we’ll ensure your home, office, or industrial unit is kept safe and sound from any breakages or spillages. We know just how hard it can be to get paint out of a porous surface, and how much a stain can ruin the final look. As such, we’ll provide both surface and furniture protection whenever we come onto a work site, and won’t start work until we’re sure your belongings are fully covered. 

We provide floor and wall protection, including trim and skirting board guards, and we cover all corners and borders with painter’s tape to present drips from overspray. Thanks to our preventative efforts, we can walk away knowing your project has been finished to the highest standard. We certainly don’t leave any marks or scuffs behind once your renovation has been completed! 

Professional Cleaning Service

When decorating your home, we’ll provide a professional cleaning service in all the areas we paint. We aim to ensure all worksites, whether residential or commercial, are left clean and tidy once a project is finished. As such, we man our own cleaning team, no matter how big or small the job at hand is. 

We offer a fixture and fittings deep clean service to ensure the final finish is looking its best. We will remove door handles, hinges and latches to bring them back to their former glory with the highest quality cleaning products and reinstall them with the utmost care.

We’ll lay protective covers and ensure all tools and materials are kept covered, and if necessary, removed from site once a working day is finished. You can rest assured knowing your kitchen, bathroom, or office will be safe to step into, no matter what stage of the job we’ve completed. We’re here to exceed your expectations, and sometimes that just takes some elbow grease!