Kitchen Spray Painting and Decorating

Kitchens are the heart of the home. It’s where the family comes together, it’s the only place you‘re guaranteed to use daily, and it’s where memories are made. But as with everything, kitchens have an evolution, they can become tired and tatty, maybe lose colour or have just not kept up with trends. Maybe you see this, maybe you don’t feel the love and warmth for your kitchen that you once had. Is it time for an update without overspending on a new kitchen install? 

K Wyatt Decorators is a professional kitchen painting and decorating business, offering both traditional and modern spray painting, depending on your needs. We will help you make your kitchen look its best, no matter what style or design you want.  

As a company, we’re committed to delivering excellence and unwavering quality throughout Hammersmith, Fulham and the greater West and Southwest London boroughs. We always go the extra mile to ensure that you get the look you want.  

Why Kitchen Spray Painting and Decorating?

Here are some of the key reasons why people choose our spray painting and decorating services:  

Make Your Kitchen Match The Rest Of Your Home

There’s nothing worse than a kitchen that’s out of sync with the rest of your home. With our consultancy service we can work with you to get the colours right and bring it back in-line with the rest of your property, ensuring that it flows naturally with the rest of the house, and if you have bi-folding/sliding doors, the environment outside. 

Cover A Large Area In A Short Period Of Time

While we offer manual painting for customers who request it, we know that spray painting is much faster and offers a better solution to painting when living in your home. Instead of painting day after day making your kitchen off limits throughout, we spend time masking all around the kitchen before spending only a few days spray painting. It’s also why people with time-sensitive renovation projects prefer it. If you’re in a hurry to complete your decoration project or need access to your kitchen, it is certainly an option you should consider. 

Bring Your Kitchen To Life

Far too many modern kitchens look dull and drab. They lack that sparkle that makes you want to spend time in them.  With spray painting and decorating, you can bring your kitchen back to life. Turn it into a room that you’re proud to show your friends once more. 

Superior Finish

Spray painting offers a superior finish due to the method spray machines use to apply paint. You get a perfectly smooth application every time with no brush strokes. Your kitchen can have that newly installed look and feel without the cost of buying new and hassle of install.

Choose K Wyatt Decorators For Kitchen Spray Painting and Decorating

If you want to create your dream kitchen, you need experts on your side. K Wyatt Decorators can help. We’ve been in the business for many years and have all the necessary expertise to bring your projects to life. 

  • Many years of experience. K Wyatt Decorators has tremendous experience in spray painting and decorating kitchens. For this reason, our team can deliver practically any design that you want.  
  • Leaders in our industry. We understand kitchen spray painting and decorating down to a tee.  
  • Efficient. Our team works quickly and safely to ensure that you get your new kitchen fast. We use the latest tools and never cut corners.  
  • Innovative. We believe in using products that get results. That’s why we’re constantly testing and evaluating all of our tools and techniques.  
  • Reliable. We provide quotes upfront, showing you precisely where you stand financially.  
  • Convenient. We work around your schedule, minimising disruption during the renovation.  

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