Furniture and Woodwork Spray Painting

Looking to bring your furniture or woodwork to life, or just want something reskinned with a new colour to update with your lifestyle or new trends. K Wyatt Decorators have you covered. We offer professional spray painting and traditional painting services for many items, including tables, chairs, shelving units, bannisters, and interior or exterior doors. 

Your furniture or woodwork not on the list? Just get in touch with our team for a quick consultation.  

Why Spray Painting? 

Spray painting can work wonders on furniture, particularly older items that are past their best. By using spray paint we avoid the brushed look giving your furniture or wooden item the straight off the shelf look. 

Here are some of the reasons to use it:  

It Offers More Coverage

When you use spray paint, you can cover a large area without brushstrokes – great for irregular surfaces on furniture. 

It Is Many Times Faster Than Brush Painting

Painting by hand takes a long time, but with spray painting, you can get many jobs done in a lot less time giving you a greater cost-effective solution.  

It Is Suitable For Many Surfaces

When properly prepared, spray painting can transform resin, plastic, wicker, metal, wood and many other materials. 

It Is More Durable

Most spray paints are water-based and we use only the highest spec paint from our suppliers to give you that like brand new finish.

Choose K Wyatt Decorators For Furniture And Woodwork Spray Painting

Here are some of the reasons why our customers love our woodwork and furniture spray painting services:  

  • Rapid Application. Because we’re not using handheld brushes, we can complete projects quickly. 
  • Skilled Technicians. Our staff are highly-trained and have tremendous experience in spray paint applications 
  • Quality Materials. We only use the best spray paints. If we discover a product that doesn’t work, we stop using it.  

Start benefiting from our woodwork and furniture spraying services today.  

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