Revitalise your kitchen with spray painting

We at K Wyatt Decorators use the latest in spray painting technology to give you that modern, new look, off the shelf finish that you’ve always desired for your kitchen.

No longer do you need to run down to B&Q or Magnet and get over the top quotes for a new kitchen that will stop you using your kitchen for weeks, cost a fortune and have to make compromises to make it fit.

We on the other hand, take the kitchen that you’re used to, one that works for you and give it a new lease of life. We bring it into 2022 with the colours and sheen level you desire; and because we spray paint it gives the off the shelf manufactured look that you would expect when buying new. It’s a win win at a fraction of the cost.

Bring your kitchen to life

Old way of buying a new

New way of respraying

kitchen renovation ideas
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We know that your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where your family comes together for food, fun and conversation daily, and most importantly it’s where memories are made. But as with everything, kitchens can become tired and tatty, maybe lose colour or have just not kept up with trends. We can change that with a fast cost effective way by spray painting. It’s time to make the old new, without replacing.

Case Study

Our most recent kitchen project was for a customer based in Mortlake who was moving in to a new property with a modern high gloss finish.

kitchen renovation ideas

The kitchen was in good condition and they were happy with the lay out so they did some research and found our services online.

We arranged to meet the customer to find out what they were looking for and view the kitchen in person. Whilst there the customer said that they would like to go for the colour Stiffkey Blue in Farrow & Ball with a matt finish. We explained the process of what we do then showed samples of the products we use to achieve a durable, high end finish on our customers kitchens. For this project we recommended Renner 643 as a primer and Renner 760 as a top coat.

The customer accepted our quote, paid their deposit, materials were then ordered and we made a start the following week.

Day 1

We spent first part of the day protecting all the surfaces which included floors, worktops and surrounding areas and setting up the equipment which included the spray booth and drying area. The second part of the day we then made a start on degreasing then sanding the doors to make sure our primer adheres to the surface. Once this is done we apply the primer to the doors and that’s us done.

Day 2

We then start our next part of the preparation process by filling and sanding the doors again to prepare them for their first top coat. Before the first top coat is applied we make sure that there is no dust on the surface. They are now ready for the first coat then the doors will be placed aside to allow them to dry for their next coat. Once dry the process is then repeated for the second coat to give a smooth finish. The second top coat is applied to the backs and sides of the doors ready to be refitted the next morning.

Day 3

The kitchen doors are fitted back to the units and the process is repeated on the units which consists of a primer, preparation and a top coat. The kitchen is given a final check and given a light sand with some finishing sandpaper. Once this stage has been completed we are ready for our final coat to be applied to the whole kitchen. The final coat is applied to the kitchen and is left until the following morning for us to start our finishing process.


Day 4

We come in for our final day and make sure we are happy with all surfaces then we can make a start on taking off all protection and packing away our equipment to hand over to the customer.

The customer was amazed with the finish and how quick we had transformed their kitchen with minimal disruption.

What our customers say

  • Great service from start to finish. Will recommend to friends and family. Thanks!

    Joe Mabel Avatar Joe Mabel

    Kenny and the team were on time each day, was polite and tidy. I really appreciated how clean they were as im very fussy. They also were happy to do... Read more

    Carol Wyatt Avatar Carol Wyatt

    Thank you for the work you have done.

    Paul Donald Avatar Paul Donald

    Friendly team did a great job and cleaned thoroughly once completed. Very good reliable company and has great customer service.

    Greg Grimes Avatar Greg Grimes
  • Incredible job done on my kitchen and both bedrooms. Impressed with the cleanliness. Would definitely recommend

    Darren Carroll Avatar Darren Carroll

    Kenny did an amazing job with our kitchen. The quality, professionalism, and communication throughout were all fantastic. Even our other contractors were impressed by his work. We are extremely happy... Read more

    Will Keuper Avatar Will Keuper

    Kenny has done a great job, repairing water damage and redecorating a bathroom. He is very reliable, hard working and sticks to his quote. I have used Kenny... Read more

    Joanna Stanworth Avatar Joanna Stanworth

    Very professional, excellent service.

    Umar Khan Avatar Umar Khan
  • Excellent service, clean, tidy, neat, affordable. Painted my whole house. Will get you back to do the outside in the Summer!

    The Fulham & Chelsea Cake Co Avatar The Fulham & Chelsea Cake Co

    Very professional service with good communications. Would recommend

    F J Avatar F J

    I am very happy with Kenny’s work! he discussed everything upfront and everything went exactly as planned- he actually finished a day early. The work looks great, he was very... Read more

    Carina Grace Avatar Carina Grace

    Kenny & Rhys did a brilliant job of redecorating a bedroom which hadn't been touched for 20 years and repairing and repainting the front pillars and some outside windowsills. A... Read more

    Clare Slater Avatar Clare Slater
  • Kenny and his team provided an excellent, clean service. I got my bedrooms and hallway painted and they moved through the house with little disturbance. Professional and polite,... Read more

    Charlotte Kudmany Avatar Charlotte Kudmany

    Professional and reliable. Took the windows off their hinges when it was clear they needed more preparation than initially thought which I thought showed he was doing a good job.... Read more

    Tom S Avatar Tom S

    Great service!! Highly Recommended!!

    James Weal Avatar James Weal

    Kenny & team painted several areas of our house to a very high standard recently. Work carried out very efficiently and tidily. Highly recommended.

    Lee Jones (welshronaldo) Avatar Lee Jones (welshronaldo)
  • I have used K Wyatt Decorators many times. The price is always reasonable plus the team are professional and friendly. 5/5.

    Gordon Vaults Avatar Gordon Vaults

    Happy with the great service and professional decorating as always. Our double french doors (inside and outside) are looking lovely. Neat and clean work. Thanks to Kenny and Reese.

    Lindsay Avatar Lindsay

    Brilliant painters. Friendly & professional. Fast and efficient. I have recommended you to all our friends and family, Will definitely use you again.

    Martin Kudmany Avatar Martin Kudmany

    Kenny and team painted our whole Flat over five days. Quality of work was to a high standard. Kenny and team where organised, personable and tidy, keeping us informed of... Read more

    Jess Hazley Avatar Jess Hazley
  • Great service from Kenny at short notice, recommended!

    Simon Wongsuwarn Avatar Simon Wongsuwarn

    Excellent work and communication by Kenny and his team. They were able to work safely and efficiently alongside current tenants who were really pleased with the results. Very much recommended,... Read more

    Jon Williams Avatar Jon Williams

    Very professional job. Clean, tidy and on time.. will definitely be recommending to friends and family

    Jack Brown Avatar Jack Brown

    Very good and professional service. Definitely recommended.

    Martinos Yiorkas Avatar Martinos Yiorkas
  • Kenny and his team did a fantastic job painting several rooms plus hallway, stairs and landing. They showed up on time each morning and were friendly and helpful. They tidied... Read more

    Lisa Waite Avatar Lisa Waite

    I've twice used Kenny - once to paint a room and the second to paint my entire flat inside and out and sand/varnish floors. On both occasions, he was very... Read more

    Sandy Moss Avatar Sandy Moss

    Kenny is totally professional throughout, he keeps us informed with what they did and what the plan to do the next day. He and Sheridan are working methodically, thorough... Read more

    Wei Goates Avatar Wei Goates

    Kenny helped us by painting our bathroom and window sills. He is punctual and professional and did a great job - everything was finished to a very high standard and... Read more

    Momiji Matsuura Avatar Momiji Matsuura

Make Your Kitchen Match The Rest Of Your Home

There’s nothing worse than a kitchen that’s out of sync with the rest of your home. With our consultancy service we can work with you to get the colours right and bring it back in-line with the rest of your property, ensuring that it flows naturally with the rest of the house, and if you have bi-folding/sliding doors, the environment outside. 

Cover A Large Area In A Short Period Of Time

While we offer manual painting for customers who request it, we know that spray painting is much faster and offers a better solution to painting when living in your home. Instead of painting day after day making your kitchen off limits throughout, we spend time masking all around the kitchen before spending only a few days spray painting. It’s also why people with time-sensitive renovation projects prefer it. If you’re in a hurry to complete your decoration project or need access to your kitchen, it is certainly an option you should consider. 

Bring Your Kitchen To Life

Far too many modern kitchens look dull and drab. They lack that sparkle that makes you want to spend time in them.  With spray painting and decorating, you can bring your kitchen back to life. Turn it into a room that you’re proud to show your friends once more. 

Superior Finish

Spray painting offers a superior finish due to the method spray machines use to apply paint. You get a perfectly smooth application every time with no brush strokes. Your kitchen can have that newly installed look and feel without the cost of buying new and hassle of install.

How to take photos for the quoting process​

Hold your camera Correctly

When taking photos of the area you wish us to quote on, hold your camera landscape when taking pictures of a large area, such as the whole kitchen from a wide-angle, or an image of the complete kitchen worktops, cabinet. Hold your camera in portrait mode when taking a picture of tall objects such as a single cabinet or door.

Work your way around the room

After taking a wide photo of the entire room you wish us to quote for, take pictures of any key areas that might need additional or extra work. Work your way around the room from left to right making sure that the picture you take is clear and so we can tell its location when comparing it to the wide image. Hold your camera in portrait mode when taking a picture of tall objects such as a single cabinet or door.

Don’t take too many

Try to upload around 5 to 7 SD/HD images, if possible avoid 4K images due to their file size. Any images that wont upload to the above questionnaire please send to

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